[Techtalk] Installing XP without affectin Linux

Christine Bussman olearyck at geek-den.net
Thu Apr 2 21:20:28 UTC 2009

David Sumbler wrote:
> The spare partition is /dev/hda1, and my current Linux / is
> on /dev/hda7.  There is already an appropriate entry
> in /boot/grub/menu.lst for booting Windows on /dev/hda1 - I used to have
> Win98 on there, so apart from changing the name perhaps, I do not need
> to touch menu.lst .
It's helpful that it's /dev/hda1 that you're planning to put windows on, 
because I would not be 100% sure that even XP would be nice installing 
elsewhere, especially with an OS it didn't recognize in the first partition.
> As I understand it, then, all I need to do is the following:
> 1) Install WinXP on /dev/hda1 ; OK to format in NTFS?
If possible, it would be better not to use ntfs because Linux usually 
can't write to ntfs.  However, when I dual boot I often make the system 
partition in windows be ntfs and then have a small fat32 partition, so 
there is someplace on the hard drive I can write to from both operating 

Sorry I can't comment on the rest of it, because the distribution I use 
is quite different.


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