[Techtalk] ssh and name resolution

Susan Baur susan at cdl.edu
Mon Sep 8 23:00:08 UTC 2008

Haven't ever run into it myself, but I'm wondering if it might be  
having problems with the @. Does it resolve without the user part? If  
so, use
ssh -l parody homer.u.washington.edu  instead. (which resolved fine  
for me).

Also, maybe try adding the server into your /etc/hosts file.


On Sep 8, 2008, at 3:52 PM, Maria McKinley wrote:

> Hey there,
> Anyone ever seen anything like this? I can resolve host names with  
> host,
> dig, and ping, but not ssh:
> buttercup:/etc# ssh parody at homer.u.washington.edu
> ssh: Could not resolve hostname homer.u.washington.edu: Name or  
> service
> not known

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