[Techtalk] is the Internet broken?

Anthony de Boer linuxchix at lists.leftmind.net
Thu Mar 20 23:00:44 UTC 2008

Carla Schroder wrote:
> Is something going on out there, because today it seems I'm hitting a record 
> number of inaccessible Web sites. 'Host not found' and 'server timeout 
> errors' mostly, and the timeout errors come up immediately. Seems most odd, 
> it does.

Could be the Cogent - Telia depeering.  If you're singlehomed to either
of those networks (or your provider, or your provider's provider, is)
then you can't see anything on the other side of that wall.  If you are
(or your upstream is) multihomed and can see both sides, then the problem
wouldn't manifest itself.

Anthony de Boer

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