[Techtalk] nvidia mystery

Juliet Kemp juliet at earth.li
Sat Mar 1 16:41:03 UTC 2008

On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 08:32:44PM -0500, Michelle M wrote:
> I suspect that it is because I never actually had the nVidia drivers 
> installed properly, and since it didn't matter for my monitor, I never 
> noticed it. Now that I need it, I'm running into trouble.
> I have onboard video, an Asus motherboard, with this GeForce: nVidia 
> Corporation C51PV [GeForce 6150]
> I went and got the most recent version of the nvidia drivers 
> (NVIDIA-Linux-x86-169.12-pkg1.run) I installed this, and had no errors. 
> But I already had a bunch of nvidia packages installed. (See 
> http://pearlbear.pastebin.com/m112517e9) I wonder if this was part of my 
> mistake. I wonder if there is a conflict?

The method I use (on Debian stable) for our nvidia drivers at work I got
from http://tinyplanet.ca/~lsorense/debian/debian-nvidia-dri-howto.txt
and goes like this:

* Uninstall everything nvidia-related that you have already.
* apt-get install nvidia-kernel-common module-assistant
* m-a -i prepare
* m-a a-i -i -t -f nvidia-kernel
* depmod -a
* apt-get install nvidia-glx nvidia-glx-dev
* check (with lsmod) that nvidia module is loaded, modprobe nvidia is
* edit Xserver config to use nvidia driver.

So that might work?  


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