[Techtalk] PDF text issues

AstroGirl astrogirl at spin.net.au
Sat Jun 21 16:55:03 UTC 2008

Hi everyone!

I've searched and searched and I just can't get an idea of what is going wrong 
with a few PDFs I'm trying to view. The funny thing is, they were working 
before.. eek! So, here's the problem.

I can mouse-over the problem PDF file on my desktop, and the preview shows the 
text. That's all good. (See: 

When I open the same PDF in xpdf I get no text. Not so good. (See: 

Same goes for Kpdf (which I know is based on xpdf), and Konqueror too. (See: 

Now, the funny part is, if I select an area in Kpdf, and copy the "text", I 
can paste the text into an editor, and yes, the text shows up just fine! It's 
like the text is there, but invisible.

I've clearly messed something up! Any ideas?


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