[Techtalk] Multiseat(Multi-X) automating scripts.

Digital Era dgtlera at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 15 14:59:20 UTC 2008

Hi all,

Am planning to implement a multi-seat LINUX system where one PC will be serving 10 or so users together or what is known as a ten-seater.

I ave been reading and googling for sometime now but it seems the only solutions available is to edit xorg.conf and gdm.conf manually or getting a commercial software like Userful.The manual configuration part is a hard nut to crack.Mapping 10 keyboards, 10 mice, 10 monitors(VGA cards) and 10 X is not a joke.! 

I would really appreciate if someone has scripts that automates the above said setup and is willing to share with me.

I will be using either Fedora 7/8/9, Suse 10-10.3, Ubuntu 6.06-8.04 or Mandriva 2006-2008.1

Thanks in advance.


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