[Techtalk] Hijacking a thread (was Re: Clearing a port)

Cynthia Kiser cnk at ugcs.caltech.edu
Wed Jul 9 18:31:12 UTC 2008

Quoting Vonda <vtrucs at gmail.com>:
> I ran afoul of this myself. Some threading emailers, like Mutt, follow
> this convention, where a change to the subject line does not move it out
> of the original thread.
> The emailer I've always used in Linux and Unix, which is Pine, does not   
> share this characteristic. The email subject changes and that's that.
> The emailer I'm now using on M$, Thunderbird, also just shrugs and changes
> the subject line.  So this issue doesn't exist for anyone who hasn't used
> an emailer that makes it one.

I personally consider the ones that take the subject line change over
in-reply-to information as broken. But I have spent several years on
mailing lists full of people on yahoo and aol mail accounts who had
never even heard of threading, much less understand that there could
be different methods of doing it. So I have learned to shrug and
ignore it. Mutt does have a 'break thread' command that I think is
supposed to allow one to fix this sort of thing in your own display. I
say 'I think' because I only ever access that command when I typo some
other command I use frequently.

Cynthia N. Kiser
cnk at ugcs.caltech.edu

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