[Techtalk] New OpenOffice bails out at 'Welcome to OpenOffice.org" screen

Anne Wainwright anotheranne at fables.co.za
Wed Jul 2 18:50:09 UTC 2008

Akkana, hello,

see below

On Tue, 1 Jul 2008 17:11:11 -0700
Akkana wrote:

|> Ian Balchin writes:
|> > Now it runs in root from a terminal, but close the terminal and so
|does > > the instance of OOo.  Then I trid logging in as root, and it
|runs fine > > from the menu. 
|> > 
|> > So somehow there is a permissions problem?
|> It could be a permissions problem, but I'd more quickly suspect a
|> profile problem. I can't remember -- have you already tried moving
|> your prefs aside? Don't delete them, just rename them, Like this:
|> mv .openoffice.org2 .openoffice.org2.sav

I had done that before, but for the record did it again just now. No
success, it is nothing to do with that.


|> Then try running it. If it runs, then you know the problem is
|> something in your .openoffice.org2, and you can either choose
|> to forget about it (if you don't have a lot of prefs already
|> saved) or to try substituting in one file at a time to figure
|> out what it is in your profile that's causing problems.
|> 	...Akkana

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