[Techtalk] printing problem with no network installed on standalone machine

Ian Balchin aesop at fables.co.za
Mon Jan 21 12:06:32 UTC 2008

To cut a long story short

canon pixma iP1000
slackware 10

the latter is the only one with a driver for the canon printer
I am using the free edition so get cups by default
doesn't write the printer details to printcap (?) (not at it now)
browser needed to operate cups will not access localhost
also note messages like  'cannot find network'

when I installed the system I foolishly left out any network 
configurations as the machine is 20 miles up a 40 mile dirt road with 
no communication in sight short of semaphore and I needed to save 
space. The loopback was set on installation as being recommended for 
a standalone machine with no network connection, but nevertheless ...

... it doesn't go

now I see that I am network components short. Got ect/hosts but not 

Slackware fundis.

Should I just install all of /slackware/n  and go from there?  Any 
suggestions, having burnt much midnite oil over the weekend I deduce 
that I have to have the network configured first.

Thanks for any tips

Anne Wainwright

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