[Techtalk] system logs me out unpredictably

Robyn M rob_39 at bigpond.com
Wed Jan 2 02:46:05 UTC 2008

Hi Carla

If you're using a screensaver, a 3D screensaver or a 3D graphics driver 
I've had problems with these not 'agreeing' with each other especially 
after a kernel upgrade. Set your screensaver to 1 minute and wait and 
see or play Tux Racer and leave the game running for a while without 
playing it and watch.



Carla Schroder wrote:
> My kubuntu gutsy system logs me out during periods of inactivity. It's not 
> consistent, but it's happening often, at least every other day. I'll fire it 
> up, do a bunch of work, then go off and leave it. When I come back it's 
> sitting at the KDM login screen. It's not rebooting, just ending my session. 
> I've checked all the settings I can think of, looking for some weird "log 
> user out when I'm bored" setting, and reviewed system log files, but I'm not 
> finding anything helpful. Any ideas? I suspect 'weirdo buntu glitch', since 
> they innovate weird glitches, but I'm stumped at what else to do to diagnose 
> the problem.
> thanks!
> Carla

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