[Techtalk] Difficulties creating a MySQL database

Sheila Fenelon sheila at shefen.com
Mon Aug 11 03:46:30 UTC 2008

Brianna Laugher wrote:
> Thanks for your help, Sheila.
> I complained again to my webhost and I don't know what they did, but
> now phpMyAdmin will accept 'create view' statements.

That's nice, a host that listens.

> Anyway. charging on to the next problem. :)
> The last statement on the install notes was to do this:
> mysql> GRANT ALL ON memberdb.* TO 'memberdb'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'pants';

In this example, "pants" is the password for user "memberdb", And yes
you've already done this step via phpMyAdmin or cpanel.

> In the config file there is also this line:
> $config['db'] = "mysql://memberdb:pants@unix()/memberdb";

This is the DSN string. Have a look at

The first "memberdb" is the username and the second one is the database.
I've never seen unix() used like this. Normally it's "localhost", and
some other identifier for a remote MySQL server.


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