[Techtalk] tomsrtbt

Mike kenziem at sympatico.ca
Fri Sep 14 03:12:06 UTC 2007

On September 12, 2007 2:46 am, Maria McKinley wrote:
> Hey there,
> I've been using tomsrtbt for years to do e2fsck on questionable drives,
> but I may have hit the end of its usefulness. I used it today, and got
> the messge that the file system had new features not supported by the
> e2fsck on tomsrtbt. Judging from his website, I'd say the project has
> been abandoned. Anyone have a suggestion for a more up-to-date bootable
> rescue sort of distro? I prefer one that fits on a floppy, since some of
> my machines don't have cd readers on them, but for the short term with
> this particular machine, I could use one from a cd.

I just found INSERT linux it's a 60 MB iso that runs from a usb key.

I currently have SLAX on a usb.

The tomsrtbt does include instructions for upgrading it, but not many new 
packages are smaller than their previous versions.  

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