[Techtalk] Slowly-scrolling scrollbars.

aesop at fables.co.za aesop at fables.co.za
Mon Oct 29 12:38:04 UTC 2007


I have searched the Abiword archives and my almost 2 year back archives of techtalk, so no 
guides there.

I recently installed Slackware 10 on a P200MMX with 128Mb
I have used both Gnome and FVWM window managers but the result is the same.

When I click on the scoll bar and use this to go down through my document the scrolling is 
extremely slow, painfully unuseably so.
If I use the down arrow to move the cursor down, then once it gets to the bottom of the page it 
too slows to a halt. The text can hardly crawl up from the bottom!
The PgUp/Dn buttons are slow.

Gnumeric is faster, but not fast. All sorts of other things like screen savers seem to go at a 
reasonable speed. I see that I am using less than half of the memory even when running the 
system monitor

Do you think I have a video card problem? It actually has an onboard S3 chip and I set this at 
about 4096 in the Xconfig file up from a lower value and no change.

Any suggestions welcome. What gives?


Anne Wainwright

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