[Techtalk] Help me ObiWan Linuchix...

Sarah Huffman sarah at techbrat.com
Thu Oct 25 18:21:33 UTC 2007

I'm currently doing a field deployment (automated drill testing) and  
have a problem I'd love an assist with.

We've had endless layers of frustration, starting with arriving to  
find our workspace entirely unusable - piles of leaves and spiders  
and... mess. Next, the network drop didn't work. Then the network  
team hadn't been told about anything we needed - I'd been promised  
that this was done. *sigh*

Now we have network access - one static and a handful of DHCP  
connections. But - incoming connections are blocked. Two of our  
primary programmers are in classes elsewhere and aren't on site, but  
are needed to troubleshoot. The request for a static IP was so that  
they could log in remotely. (We're currently working with them via  
phone, which is frustrating at best.)

I can't make major system changes - and I'm hesitant to even install  
anything, lest I screw us up in some weird way - better to fly them  
out here than to screw things up more.

The system is linux (redhat).

I have a system (also redhat) in my lab at Ames that I can use. I'm  
wary of making major changes to it since nobody there has access to  
it. However, changes can be made to it.

Any thoughts about ways I could bounce my users in? I've been  
thinking about tunneling one sshd through the other.. but haven't  
tried it yet.

Y'all tend towards brilliance, I'd appreciate any ideas.


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