[Techtalk] Designing a Wireless Network

Elwing elwing at elwing.org
Mon Oct 15 20:43:51 UTC 2007

On Oct 15, 2007, at 1:49 PM, Kai MacTane wrote:

> Internet ------ DSL modem --- switch -------  FINROD
>                                          |
>                                          |
>                                       GALADRIEL
>                                          |
>                                        switch
>                                          |
>                --------------------------------- wireless AP
>                |         |           |
>            various    Windows   workstations
>                |
>                |
>             printer
> [end monospaced ASCII art]
> However, there's one problem with all of the above setup: any machine
> that's connected wirelessly is on a different network segment from
> everything else. That means that not only can it not print, it also
> can't browse Galadriel's network shares, play MP3s, and so on.
> I'm trying to figure out the best way to get wireless machines on the
> same network segment with everything else. So far, my ideas have  
> included:

See if your WAP supports "bridged" mode.  It will basically no longer  
be a router, and will pass all traffic between the network segments.   
This has a few implications:
1) you need a DHCP server on the network to serve the wireless  
devices (if necessary)
2) random sniffers/onlookers will have access to your wired network -  
which may or may not be desirable

Another option is to have a VPN concentrator (server) running on the  
wired network that will allow the wireless devices to become part of  
the wired network, while still keeping the non-permitted wireless  
devices out.

I personally use bridged mode on my WAP and assume that anyone on my  
internal network is malicious, so everything's protected.   YMMV  
according to your needs.


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