[Techtalk] Getting Java running properly on Slackware 10

turtle dreaded.night.turtle at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 05:25:18 UTC 2007

> Turtle,
> You can try these commands to locate the java binaries:
> $ which javac
> or
> $ locate javac
> Once you have the location of the binary then test your program with
> $ /xxx/xxx/xxx/javac HelloWorld.java
> If you have a package line in your code then do
> $/xxx/xxx/xxx/javac packageDir/HelloWorld.java
> If everything works then add the location of the java binary to your
> .bashrc
> file.
> --Tricia

Thank you for your help.  I have another question.

When I use locate javac, I get:

turtle at turtle:~$ locate javac
turtle at turtle:~$

Which one (if any) is the binary file?


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