[Techtalk] nagios vs zabbix

Gayathri Swaminathan gayathri.swa at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 13:08:48 UTC 2007

Hey Chantal:

Was not aware of Cacti.

Nagios gives you the flexibility of using Host groups and Service groups.
Does Zabbix allow that? Aware it has auto discovery, but was not useful for
some scenarios ( under secured VLANs).

While automatating host addition/ service addition process found nagios to
be more resilient. There was also an onlamp article of Nagios implementing
with cfengine ( which is pretty handy)


> > Given choices went with Nagios, because of my large resource base to
> > monitor.
> That's an interesting statement, why is that not possible or more
> difficult
> with zabbix?
> >
> > Good luck in your project.
> >
> > Gayathri
> Thanks!

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