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Miriam English mim at miriam-english.org
Tue Oct 9 01:28:48 UTC 2007

Hi folks,

I've been playing around with the wonderful Celestia http://shatters.net 
satisfying my space travel desires. Lately I've been adding on some of 
the more detailed models and textures. This morning I downloaded the 
latest International Space Station models and textures. After spending a 
while wondering why the textures don't appear on the model I realised 
it's because they were prepared on a Microsoft OS and the case of the 
filenames are all wrong. They are in lowercase, but the model expects 

After puzzling for a while over the easiest way to rename all the files 
I ended up using a clunky method where I listed the files to a quick 
script file, then opened it in my favorite text editor, copied and 
pasted the column of filenames again in block select mode, and flipped 
the case of the second column. Finally I added mv at the beginning of 
each line and ran the file as a shell script.

It worked, and was a lot easier than renaming the 36 files by hand, but 
it seemed to me that there must be a much simpler way using a loop and 

for file in *
	mv $file `echo $file | tr '[a-z]' 'A-Z'`

In my text editor I'd simply replace each filename with \U& but that 
isn't possible directly in bash.

Is there an even simpler way?


	- Miriam

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