[Techtalk] Old Ultrasparc 5...

Tricia Bowen tricia.bowen at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 14:12:47 UTC 2007

I have an old Intel PC that I'm running Edubuntu on for my kids. I had to
get several 128 MB DIMMs from ebay because the max memory is 384 MB and my
locate RadioShack only sells 512 MB. It works nicely but I'd trade you the
PC for the Ultrasparc anyday.

On 10/5/07, Walt <pippin at freeshell.org> wrote:
> I just happened upon an old ultrasparc 5 at an auction
> in a lot of other junk... I know it's not worth much on
> ebay or anything, but is it worth dropping a little extra
> memory and a faster processor in? Can it do anything
> that a low-end Intel PC cannot?
> In other words, is it good for anything? :-)
> Thanks!
> Walt
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