[Techtalk] Mail a file with a script using pop3

lois at brasshat.net lois at brasshat.net
Sat Oct 6 23:00:48 UTC 2007

> If you have your machine set up to send email via your ISP, it should be
> as simple as:
> mutt -s "backup file" -a <filename> you at example.com < /dev/null
> This should send an email with subject "backup file" with <filename> as an
> attachment to you at example.com
> OTOH, if your system is not already set up, you'll have to set it up to
> use your ISP's smtp server as its 'smart host'.  How to do this depends on
> what mail transport agent your system is using and on what tools your
> distro provides to configure it.
> Conor

Thanks Conor,

it is a very minimal Debian Vserver (VPS). I will try to configure mutt (
i always wanted to use it anyways ).


x Lois x

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