[Techtalk] Programming language for a beginner?

Sarah Newman newmans at sonic.net
Fri Nov 30 16:34:31 UTC 2007

When you are comfortable with at least one language, I would try 
different languages that encourage different programming paradigms.


The ones to look at are object oriented, procedural, and functional.

Someone help me out with languages for each, but I'm thinking python, C, 
and scheme.

AstroGirl wrote:
> Hi all.
> I'm interested in learning to program for a living.. :) I was looking for a 
> suggestion for a language. I've never really programmed before - but looking 
> around, Python looks interesting (mostly because of pygame, admittedly!). Is 
> that a good starting language, or is there something that employers would be 
> looking for instead? If there are any Aussies reading - is there a good place 
> to learn to program? The TAFE courses in my area seem to cover everything BUT 
> programming (OH&S, communication, how to use a mouse... :p)..
> I appreciate any advice or help! :)
> Thank you!
> AstroGirl
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