[Techtalk] [Fwd: [svlug] FW: Canon wants feedback from the linux community]

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Thu Mar 29 00:40:41 UTC 2007

Kai MacTane writes:
> How about something like "Gosh, I recently bought a competitor's printer 
> specifically because you don't have Linux drivers and they did"? (This 
> doesn't actually apply to me, but I'm sure are there lots of people for 
> whom it does.)

I wish it had a space for that. I didn't register, because I don't
know what the current Canon models are; when I'm shopping for a
printer and the salesman starts to lead me to the Canon area,
I say "No thanks, I use Linux, so show me your Epsons."
And when I say "Linux" they nod understandingly and stop trying
to sell me a Canon -- I get the impression that I'm not the
only person who's brought that up.

I'd happily tell them that if their survey had a space for it.

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