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Subject: [Announce] Time for a new LinuxChix coordinator
Date: Friday 09 March 2007 13:39
From: "Valerie Henson" <val.henson at gmail.com>
To: announce at linuxchix.org
Cc: LinuxChix Coordinator <jenn at linuxchix.org>

Hello all,

Jenn Vesperman has ably served as LinuxChix coordinator for more than
5 years now, following in the footsteps of our great and honored
LinuxChix founder, Deb Richardson.  Jenn oversaw the founding of many
new mailing lists, the irc.linuxchix.org IRC network, and a huge
increase in the membership of LinuxChix.  She did all this entirely as
volunteer work and without adding any rules to our founding "Be
polite; be helpful" guideline.  Jenn and her husband Dancer Vesperman
also generously donated hosting and bandwidth from their own pockets
up till one year ago, when several organizations competed to sponsor
LinuxChix hosting.

However, 5 years is a long time, and Jenn needs all her time and
energy to take care of herself and her household now.  While LinuxChix
mostly runs itself thanks to Jenn's forethought and ability to
delegate, LinuxChix still sometimes needs a coordinator to guide the
course of our work.  This email is an announcement that LinuxChix is
looking for a new coordinator.  We will choose the new coordinator the
same way we chose Jenn: by acclamation after discussion on the mailing
lists.  If any serious disagreement occurs, Jenn will make a decision,
in her role as LinuxChix coordinator.

Nominations for coordinator should go to the volunteers at linuxchix.org
mailing list.  PLEASE WAIT for 24 hours after this announcement before
beginning discussion so that interested people have time to subscribe;
I will post an email starting the nomination thread after that time.
If you can, keep all conversation on that same thread.  To subscribe,
go to the following URL:


If you would like to express your thanks to Jenn for her work, please
send email to the grrltalk mailing list:


Thank you everyone!
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