[Techtalk] Re: [Actionchix] Hacking through the electrical outlet?

Mary Gardiner mary at puzzling.org
Wed Mar 7 00:57:13 UTC 2007

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On Tue, Mar 06, 2007, Madison Kelly wrote:
> Lloyd Dettering wrote:
> >For nearly a year, my WinXPPro, S.P.2 has been hacked even after I've 
> >taken the Ethernet adapter out of the PC and the PC is only connected to 
> >the electrical outlet via my APC Backup-UPS (no Internet connection). 
> >????? My emails have been intercepted, "The page cannot be found" message 
> >appears when I try to access sites that may be helpful. Howe do I stop 
> >this from occurring? Not that I hope to receive any reply considering the 
> >hacking interceptions!
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> First up, Doc Nielsen made good points :)
> If you are using a web-based email program (like Google Mail, Yahoo! 
> Mail, Hotmail/MSN or similar, it could be that someone has gotten hold 
> of your username and password. In this case, follow the instructions on 
> that website on how to change your password and use a password that is a 
> mix of letters, numbers and, ideally, non-alphanumeric characters (like, 
> '.', ',', '!' and so on).
> Next off is your connection to the internet... If you have a wireless 
> adapter card (if you have a relatively modern laptop you probably do), 
> then make sure it's turned off or that the radio/antenna is off (look at 
> your machines documentation on how to do this, if you do have wireless). 
> With the wireless off and no network cable, it is quite impossible for 
> your machine to be "hacked"; or at least accessed anymore.
> How do you know that your email has been read? Do you have any other 
> evidence that your machine has been hacked? If so, what? The more 
> details, the more we can help. :)
> If you are worried that this email account is being read, setup another 
> email account (try http://gmail.google.com). Then subscribe here (or to 
> a windows-specific list) using that new address and work from there.
> It is more likely that you have spyware or malware infecting your 
> machine... Windows is prone to that. As Doc said, make sure you are 
> using an antivirus program (Avira is good; http://free-av.com) and an 
> antispyware/malware program (Search & Destroy is good; 
> http://www.safer-networking.org). Both of these programs need to be 
> updated after they are installed to make sure they can detect the most 
> recent viruses and malware.
> Lastly, depending on where you live, many computer shops offer 
> "clean-up" services for not too much money. I trust Staple/Business 
> Depot (at least more than other big-box stores like BestBuy/Future 
> Shop). Maybe it's worth taking it there?
> And lastly, to echo Doc again, you might want to try Linux (Ubuntu; 
> http://www.ubuntu.com/ is a great first-linux version that is quite easy 
> to install and use). Just remember to save any files you want before 
> installing Linux! Also, the Ubuntu Desktop install CD (free, by the way) 
> will start as a "Live CD". This means that after you burn the CD and 
> reboot it will start Ubuntu Linux running on top off (but not 
> touching/hurting) Windows XP. It's a great way to see if you like it 
> before erasing windows. If you do, and you've saved your files, you can 
> run the install from the Live CD.
> Best of luck!
> Madison
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