[Techtalk] Build a user terminal from a old computer

ninnnu ninnnu at linuxblondit.org
Mon Mar 5 17:04:53 UTC 2007

2007/3/5, Anne Sorsa <amk.sorsa at gmail.com>:
> Hello everyone!
> I have a task to build a user terminal in my work place and I will use old
> computers to doing it. Does anyone know for example good websites where I
> could have some advice?

Linux Terminal Server Project?

(Finnish quick-install guide for LTSP 3.0)
http://www.linuxplanet.com/linuxplanet/tutorials/4472/1/ (I don't have
any experience about LTSP, so I don't know is that good tutorial or
not... But it came first when I searched LTSP-tutorials)

Ps. Stupid GMail, sent first privately the reply, instead of directly
to the list. I hope this message goes to right place...

#linuxblondit irc.freenode.org

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