[Techtalk] New System Questions

Maluvia maluvia at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 16:54:12 UTC 2007

Hi James,

>  They do exist - I'm using a Gigabyte K8NSC-939 - it's got amd64, agp 8x,
> and 2 sata ports.
>  You won't find any ddr2 motherboards with socket 939 - the amd processors
> have an inbuilt memory controller, and the 939 ones only use ddr1 memory.
> From what I've heard, this isn't a problem because the memory isn't the
> bottleneck. Well, it works fine enough for me.
>  I haven't had any trouble with it, save for the weird problem copying large
> files to the sata drives - and that can't be a chipset problem because it
> only shows up with Nautilus as I mentioned in my earlier post *polite cough*
> ;)

Ok, I'll see if they carry that at Newegg.
And thanks for the clarification re: DDR vs. DDR2.

Your problem copying large files to your sata drives concerns me
though, as that's exactly what we'll be doing with ours. (*very* large
audio files).

I'm afraid I missed your post regarding this (just resubscribed to
techtalk), and don't know what you mean by 'Nautilus'.
Could you direct me to the relevant thread in the archives?



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