[Techtalk] is Evolution ready for prime time?

Katie Bechtold katie at hoteldetective.org
Fri Feb 23 13:11:53 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-02-21 at 14:36 -0600, Kathryn Hogg wrote:
> Well if you work at a company that uses Exchange and they will not turn on
> IMAP or POP, your options are seriously limited.  IMHO, evolution is the
> better alternative a) running Windows b) running Outlook in cxoffic or c)
> using the horrid web interface to outlook.

I use Evolution at work for that reason -- access to the Exchange server
(for calendaring as well as e-mail).  I agree that Evolution beats the
alternatives listed above, but every day I'm frustrated by a handful of
bugs, like when it quietly stops fetching (or displaying?) new mail, or
when I want to move a message to a different folder while a window
displaying that message is open (in version 2.8.1, it switches the
message displayed in that window to some other message in the current
folder; in some previous versions, that message window would go blank).

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