[Techtalk] double installation of Ubuntu and grub

Roberta Gallini regina.amazzone at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 20:49:43 UTC 2007

> # grub
> You'll see some messages about probing the system, then you'll see the GRUB
> command shell. Then run these:
> grub> root (hd0,0)
> grub> setup (hd0)

I have a problem with this explanation.

When I start Ubuntu with the Ubuntu live CD, I'm given the possibility
to start Ubuntu, to run the installation in graphic mode, to run it in
console mode, and a mem test or a cd test.

When do I exactly run the grub command?

When you say "run these"
grub> root (hd0,0)
it means that I have to run root (hd0,0) when I have a prompt like

I'm sorry if this seems a bit stupid, but I admit I am a newbie,

Thank you very much.


p.s.: I saw your book in Italian.
I think I'm going to buy it,

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