[Techtalk] double installation of Ubuntu and grub

Roberta Gallini regina.amazzone at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 21:16:18 UTC 2007

I experimented a bit with my linux box.
I have a running installation of Ubuntu Edgy Eft in one partition of
the main hard disk with the Home directory on another disk.
In the this distro's menu.lst. there are only the lines referring to
this installation.
I repartitioned the main drive and made room for another installation
of Dapper 64bit and this installation created a menu.lst containing
both the distros.
Now I have some questions concerning this situation.

1) the distro presently controlling the start, has 6 lines in its
menu.lst and the default one is Dapper, listed with number 0.
Since I would like to have the other one (Edgy) to start as default
and it's the fourth line, is it right for me to indicate, in the

2) Should I add other Kernels to the Edgy installation (now it's the
386 flavour, but I would like to install also the k7 one) the new
lines would show up in the other menu.lst?

3) If I erase the Dapper installation presently "presiding" over the
boot, the computer would start with the Edgy installation and its own

Thank you for your advice.


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