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Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Mon Aug 13 18:12:19 UTC 2007

[I sent this to grrltalk but misspelled the techtalk address.
Apologies to those who get this twice.]

Hey, fellow chix! I volunteered a while ago to set up a page on
our web site for women who are interested in speaking at conferences,
local LUG meetings, tech groups, schools or other venues.

We hear that conference organizers say they'd like to have more
women presenters, but aren't sure where to find them. And we
women often aren't good at coming forward and being visible --
we wait to be asked, not realizing that the people who would
like to ask don't know how to find us.

So we need a page listing all the knowledgeable and interesting
women we have here, so people who need speakers can find us.

This is for women who speak on technical topics as well as
women who speak on meta-issues (like the experience of being a
woman in a technical community) or less technical subjects.

It's okay if you don't have a lot of speaking experience:
list yourself anyway, and maybe you'll make some contacts so you
can get that experience!

I'd like to limit this particular page to women only, since getting
more women known as speakers is the whole point.

So: everyone who is interested in speaking at conferences, making
appearances, being available to give classes, or any other public
appearance, please mail me the following info and I'll collect it
into a page on our site:

* Name
* Geographic location
* Areas of specialty
  (a list of subjects on which you're willing to speak)
* Very short bio (a sentence or two about your qualifications)
* Link to your web page
  (this can be a page with more info on you as a speaker, your home
  page, your blog, whatever you think appropriate; or leave it blank)
* Contact information
  (if you have a Drupal account on linuxchix.org, we can link to
  a Drupal contact form; or you can list an email address)

Please direct any followup discussion to grrltalk. I've included
techtalk here since some of our potential speakers may hang out
only there.

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