[Techtalk] Ubuntu Installation Quirks

priya venkateshan priyaven at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 07:53:46 UTC 2007

Hi all,
I use ubuntu, the dapper drake release. I'm on a college LAN, so i wanted a
linux version of netscan [application used to browse shared directories on a
range of IPs].
I have samba installed, and all the packages that come along with it. while
browsing through the applications available for installation on the Synaptic
Package Manager, I came across tksmb which was supposed to be a graphical
frontend for smbclient et al.
i installed it, and it said it had installed successfully.
However I'm unable to find how to use it, as it doesnt show up on the
programs menu. I tried checking the Alacarte menu editor to see if i can add
it to the list of programs through that, but it wasnt there either.
i then gave a search for tksmb, and no results were returned, even though i
searched thru the hidden files and folders.
i then reinstalled it using apt-get, which said the latest version is
already installed on my comp.
i repeated everything and got no different results.
Could someone tell me what the problem is, or how to find out what it is,
and how to solve it?
thanks in advance
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