[Techtalk] msi motherboard/k9n6sgm-v

Lee Martin lnx at alltel.net
Wed Apr 4 10:58:12 UTC 2007

Hello friends,
I have this board here, that worked initially, but seems to have gone  
haywire, for whatever reason. My issue is that it fails to recognize it's  
onboard NIC, or any NIC that I put in, in any of the pci slots. Ok, not a  
major problem yet, cause the installer asks for a driver during the  
process. Ok, now to find a driver for a realtec 8201cl...that I have not  

Any ideas, other than lining the bottom of my trash can with its beautiful  
red plastic? Which I'm seriously considering  :-) Thank you all, very much  
for your time...


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