[Techtalk] spam filters

Patricia Fraser trish at thefrasers.org
Tue Oct 24 08:29:24 UTC 2006

Hi Maria,

> I am currently using spamassasin to filter spam on our mail server. 
> Lately it has not been doing a very good job. I keep trying to update 
> it, but I always seem to be at the latest release. Does anyone have any 
> suggestions? Either an alternate spam filter or some secret knob to turn 
> to make it work better? ;-) I have the spam level at 5 right now, but I 
>  don't think turning it further down would help much, because most of 
> the spam getting through seems to be a 2.5 or less (and a depressing 
> amount of them are at 0!). Any advice? Has anyone tried turning it down 
> as low as a 2? What sort of false positives do you get?

Do you have sa-learn installed? I think it's part of spamassassin-tools;
I've been using it for so long I've forgotten. I have a little script
set up to point at the spam folder (I'm using Sylpheed-Claws, and it has
this nice little menu item you can associate with a script) - so each
time a new bunch of spam looms on the horizon, I gather the spams in the
folder, run the script and hey presto!

(Sorry about the double-post, Maria!)

Trish Fraser, GWQSQ RP7NG

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