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Benjamin A'Lee lists at benalee.co.uk
Wed Mar 15 14:23:17 EST 2006

On Wed, 2006-03-15 at 03:06 +0000, mgmonza at sdf.lonestar.org wrote:
> My first question is -really- basic - is it acceptable to post basic 
> debian questions here?  If not, how about debian-woman?  I swear, I 
> started three times to post there, then chickened out.

I believe debian-women isn't particularly for technical questions, but I
could be wrong.  Try debian-user, though.

> If here's okay, my question is: how do I install a package in debian if 
> there is not debian pkg for it?  That's the embarassing part - I remember 
> doing a makefile a year or so ago, but cannot remember the basics now. 
> I'm trying to use sshfs to attach the Unix servers here to my beautiful 
> debian desktop, and the apt-get install for that worked great, but then 
> there was no fuse. The fuse documentation seems to assume one must 
> recompile the kernel?  Or can just the fuse module be installed?

Compiling a kernel module for debian isn't as hard as it looks; the
module-assistant package will more-or-less automate the process for you.
This should probably be better documented...

Debian doesn't distribute prebuilt kernel modules, presumably because
there are so many versions to support.

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