[Techtalk] Problems with iSQLPlus and OEM configuration on RH Linux

Lynn Kuhlman lynn at eskimo.com
Wed Mar 15 07:53:37 EST 2006

The problems are:

Web Enterprise Manager:  Listener is up (only if SID.domainname is used),
agent connection to instance is unavailable and the database instance is down,
but I can sqlplus remotely to the database.

iSQLPlus:  Entering in Username, Password and Connect Identifier gives the
generic 'ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified'
error, but just entering in the Username and Password without the Connect
Identifier does work.

Sqlplus from the command line works from the Windows XP P.C. to the server.
Sqlplus works from the server too.

I am just using the tnsnames.ora file and I do specify TNSNAMES first in the
sqlnet.ora file.

The TNS_ADMIN environmental variable is set, along with $ORACLE_HOME.

I can tnsping the database from the PC but from the server I get a
segmentation fault error.

I think there's a configuration file that governs the behavior of both
Enterprise Mgr. and iSQLPlus, under the sysman directory, but I don't think
it's emd.properties or emoms.properties.

The database is behind a firewall. My PC is on the same network as the database.

Is there a list of configuration files that govern the behavior of the two

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