[Techtalk] Bind DNS issues...

Walt pippin at freeshell.org
Mon Jul 31 16:40:32 UTC 2006

At 11:54 AM 7/31/2006, Carla kindly wrote:

>Gentoo arbitrarily re-arranging your installation is not your fault, 
>and is not

Yeah, that seemed strange to me as well. Usually
there's a clear summary at the end of substantial
upgrades telling you how many config files were
updated or need updated, etc, and the bind upgrade
*may* have displayed a note about this, but until
now I hadn't been capturing the information that
flies by during an "update world" and there are
usually too many packages involved to just sit
there and watch it...

Anyway. I guess they thought it had been a while
since I put in a late night troubleshooting server
issues. :-)

Thanks again! I forget how helpful you all are when
I don't ask questions very often. :-)



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