[Techtalk] Bind DNS issues...

Chantal Rosmuller chantal at antenna.nl
Sun Jul 30 10:20:31 UTC 2006

Hi Walt,

Can it be a firewall issue? Can you telnet port 53 from a workstation?
Can you telnet port 53 from localhost?

good luck

regards Chantal

On Saturday 29 July 2006 23:15, Walt wrote:
> Okay, so I go home Friday night from work and
> everything is working fine with the DNS on two
> servers at our office. Come in this morning, and
> find that domains hosted on those servers are
> no longer resolving.
> The named process appears to be up and running
> without problems, but dig/nslookup won't even give
> results about the domains on the machines and I
> cannot ping the domains from inside or outside the
> network! I have no clue what has changed! This
> seems crazy and I have no errors anywhere to try
> to trace to some kind of source!
> One box is Gentoo, the other is Fedora Core 4,
> mostly updated to core 5.
> Any thoughts/suggestions? Also, what about
> using djbdns? Anyone recommend that over Bind?
> Thanks!
> Walt
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