[Techtalk] I have broken my Libranet :(

Anne Wainwright aesop at fables.co.za
Sun Jul 23 13:30:03 UTC 2006

Hello, all,

Thank you for your replies and help. Sorry for the delay in reply.  Let me 
answer you one by one.

Daneel, you mentioned the run level. I tried changing that with no success, 
but reading Steve Hunger's Debian Bible told me that run level 2 is the 
norm for a single user on debian.

Carla, yes Libranet was the casualty of its founders death and the failure 
of any intiative to carry it on. Pity. Pity. A very nice desktop setup that 
will now fall by the wayside. Even the usenet group os.linux.libranet is 
defunct.  I'll be sticking with it for now, don't want the hassle of a 

Kathryn, yes that is it exactly, and I cannot to this instant find how it 
got started. The last things in rc2.d are gdm and rmnologin

James, gdm is there in rc.d and it is executeable. However I didn't try the 
dpkg-reconfigure having done what is described below first and achieved 

Now down to the success story.

Wim, the apt-cache commands indicated that none of ?dm were installed.  
After updating apt-get I then did the apt-get install gdm and after that a 
reboot I found that I am back to a graphical login albeit a debian screen. 
I then took an option to config the login manager, chose the graphical 
greeter and we are more or less back where we were.

The only 2 things left are

1 at the login the Session option has only a few of the original options 
for window managers (ie no kdm) and is not the original Libranet layout.

2 when opening up into the desktop we get a large dark blue Debian splash 
instead of the gnome one.

So we are operational and it is just appearance tweaks to make it look 

Once again, thanks. Nice to mend it without a 'reinstall'  !!


Anne Wainwright

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