[Techtalk] I have broken my Libranet :(

R. Daneel Olivaw linuxchix at r-daneel.com
Tue Jul 18 06:19:29 UTC 2006

Hi there,

> Where we are at now, is that when I choose (in Grub dual boot options)
> to go into Libranet I only get a terminal. I have to do $: startx to
> get into the (wrong) window (Ice).

Even if I'm not a debian specialist,
it just seems that your init level is too low.

try as root :

init 5

you should then switch back to the grapphial login screen.

if this works, then you should change a line in /etc/inittab showing 




at next restart you'll be in the right init level.

if this does not work, well ... your machine may need in depth analysis.


R. Daneel Olivaw,
The Human Robot Inside.

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