[Techtalk] caching and apache2

Caroline Johnston johnston at biochemistry.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Jul 12 17:59:53 UTC 2006

> there are several ways to do this, but typically you'd use mod_headers [1].
> Make sure the module is loaded, then simply add
> Header add Cache-Control "no-store"
> to the <directory> section where you want it to appear (or use
> "set"/"append" instead of "add" -- see the docs for the difference).
> And while you're at httpd.apache.org, also take a quick look at
> mod_cache [2], to learn that mod_cache can be told to _not_ honor
> the "no-store" directive (i.e. CacheStoreNoStore), etc. (might be
> irrelevant, though, depending on what you want to achieve...)
> Cheers,
> Almut


I've managed to get this working now, but I'm hitting problems
with pages in iframes. Basically, I have some svg files that are changed
often. They can be <embed>ed or <iframe>d in an html page. When I access
the svg files directly, they don't cache, but when I access the parent
page, unless the url changes it doesn't reload the svg file. I've managed
to work around it because the parent file is actually dynamically
generated, so I can add a ?param=somerandomvalue to the end of the iframe
src url, but it seems a bit clunky. Am open to suggestions for a nicer way
of doing this?


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