[Techtalk] Exim DomainKeys support

Elwing elwing at elwing.org
Fri Jul 7 18:48:27 UTC 2006

OK, I'm hunting around the exim documentation and google and I cannot  
find any documentation on exactly *how* to set up exim to work with  
domain keys.  I know it's compiled in (WITH_DOMAINKEYS=yes on  
FreeBSD), and I know it supports it, but I have no clue how to enable  
it.  If I understand it right, I just need to get exim to sign the  
message somehow, and then add a header with that signature (as well  
as putting the public key in my DNS).  But searching for "DomainKeys"  
in the exim documentation or on the exim wiki hasn't turned up  
anything useful to me.  Can someone point me in a general direction?


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