[Techtalk] hp 3620 won't print

mrs ward moses at kconline.com
Fri Feb 10 08:03:53 EST 2006


I use SuSE 9.2 kde, sharing a computer with xp on the other partition.  The 
printer is set up as a 3650 so that it will work.  It works for many days in 
a row, and then for no reason I can figure, it stops working.  It prints an 
OOo file in the morning and then refuses to print a pdf later in the day.  
Nothing happened in between other than normal internet, OOo file-editing, or 
Patience-playing, which I do everyday.  

Usually I can shutdown and it will work again.  Twice I had to un-install and 
then re-install the printer to get it working again.  This time not even that 
worked.  I popped into xp, printed the pdf, and then came back into SuSE. 
Printer still does not work.

I've used SuSE (9.2, 9.0, and 8.0) for a few years, but I'm not an expert.  
I've asked the only expert I know--my son--but he can't fix it from Japan and 
he's too busy at work to find the answer for me on Linux forums.  So...does 
anyone out there know what I am doing wrong so that my printer keeps 
rebelling?  And do you know how I can fix it now?  If the answer is too 
complicated for me to understand, Lee can walk me through it slowly ("okay, 
Mom, do you see the little seashell on the bottom of your screen?", etc.)

Also, 8.0 had a bunch of cute things like TuxEyes and the little guys 
parachuting down the screen.  I found it in the games area and it always made 
me smile.  9.2 does not have that anymore or moved it to another area.  Do 
you know how to find it?  I know it's dumb, but Tux is one of the reasons we 
like Linux so much. 


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