[Techtalk] Winecfg running in virtual desktop mode

Indefatigable42 indefatigable42 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 12:11:24 EST 2006

Hi all!

I tried posting this to newchix, but it's not as basic a question as I
thought... so I'm here.

I used winecfg to get Windows programs running under Wine to operate in a
virtual desktop. (I needed to do that in order to get the installation
process for a game to work properly.) The problem is, winecfg itself now
wants to run in a virtual desktop -- and if I go in and change settings, I
can't see any buttons that will let me apply changes or save settings. If I
exit winecfg (or even if I leave it open like that while I try to run a
program through Wine) the changes I made to the configuration don't take
effect. I can't even change it back to running without the virtual desktop,
so it's sort of stuck in that mode.

I know there's a way to change Wine's configuration through the command
line, but I can't remember what it is. I'm trying to set the audio hardware
acceleration to "emulation" (in the Audio tab if you're using the graphical
interface for winecfg).

Actually, the most useful thing to know how to do would be to use the
command line to disable the virtual desktop, and then only enable it for
certain programs as opposed to enabling it globally when I only need it for
one thing. I remember that much now that it's too late. ;)


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