[Techtalk] Mouse Problems in Suse 10

Helen hrosseau at rogers.com
Mon Feb 13 10:39:56 EST 2006

I am having a problem with configuring Suse 10 and my mouse.  Previously 
when I had these issues I could find a solution on the Suse site or on one 
of the forums. No luck this time.  I have a wheel mouse that I have 
installed as imps2 aux  and it worked fine as this, with Suse 9. Since I 
upgraded to Suse 10, I have had no joy with the mouse.  The keyboard is 
totally functional and all my other services seem fine, but i have no mouse. 
This is a server, so I do not want to be rebooting it continuously.  I just 
downloaded the latest patches, hoping they might give me a mouse, but no 

Are there any knowledgeable people in regards to Suse 10 out there, that 
have experienced this, or know of a location to keep looking?


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