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Kathryn Andersen kat_lists at katspace.homelinux.org
Thu Feb 9 15:01:38 EST 2006

On Wed, Feb 08, 2006 at 08:27:20PM -0600, Kathryn Hogg wrote:
> What kind of deficiencies in make render it unsuitable for your task?  I
> use makefiles to generate website content from databases, generate photo
> albums, etc.

Well, it's "good enough", sure, but...

Just the everyday irritations, like:
- the "oh dear are they tabs or spaces?" problem
- having to make ".PHONY" targets
- applying things to subdirectories with things like the following:

.PHONY: clean
	@for f in $(SUBDIRS); \
	do \
		$(MAKE) -C $$f clean; \

I was just wondering if there was something *better*.  I mean, after all
these years, one would have thought something better would have come

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