[Techtalk] Killing With Linux: A Primer

Finne Boonen finne at cassia.be
Wed Apr 26 19:00:02 EST 2006

On 4/26/06, Carla Schroder <carla at bratgrrl.com> wrote:
> On Tuesday 25 April 2006 8:15 pm, Val Henson wrote:
> > This is probably also too basic for Techtalk, but the origin of the
> > yes command is a funny story. Anyone feel like telling it?
> >
> Well come on, someone must know this! I am dying of suspense.

c'mon I want the story :)

"Maybe you knew early on that your track went from point A to B, but
unlike you I wasn't given a map at birth!" Alyssa, "Chasing Amy"

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