[Techtalk] calculating server load capability

Carol Williams carolswilliams at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 03:06:49 EST 2006

I would suggest performing a load test against your server to see what the
increases for cpu/memory are per connection or per 100 connections.  With a
service such as DHCP I would also monitor the network to make sure your
bandwith is large enough to handle the number of clients you're expecting.


On 4/23/06, Hamster <hamster at invisiblepixels.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anyone offer any advice on how to go about calculating what a
> given server's capacity it for performing certain tasks?
> I know that software like MySQL and Apache has various stress tests
> that you perform, but I'm after something slightly different.
> For example, given a server with a certain processor, RAM, network card
> and acting as a DHCP server, is it possible to calculate any theoretical
> limit as to how many DHCP requests it can handle over a given time?
> If you have the scenario where a bunch of clients all get switched on
> at the same time and start asking for an IP, I need some sort of
> indication as to whether a specific server setup can handle in the
> order of 1,000 clients, 10,000 clients, 50,000 clients etc.
> If anyone has any ideas or suggestions they would be gratefully
> received.
> Hamster.
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