[Techtalk] FreeBSD on ancient Pentium BIOS upgrade question

Amanda Babcock Furrow alb at quandary.org
Fri Apr 7 06:58:04 EST 2006

On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 01:01:02PM -0700, Bruce McPeek wrote:

> You might also find Wim's BIOS Page http://www.wimsbios.com/ helpful. I
> used to do support work when you're computer was new-ish and I used it a
> lot. They have some good utilities for getting your BIOS string and
> identifying the original manufacture of OEM boards.

eSupport.com, the company through which Award BIOS sells BIOS upgrades 
for systems with AWOL manufacturers, pointed out that the BIOS string 
shows during bootup.  For the record, it's 
08/21/97-580VPX-VIA83669-2A5LD000C-00.  Unfortunately, this appears to 
be a motherboard made by one Warp Speed Inc., which is an ex-company.  
It was on a VIA Apollo VPX chipset, according to a Warp Speed page in 
the Internet Archive, but VIA refers users to their motherboard 
manufacturer too - and the manufacturer is the missing link.

(Wim's BIOS doesn't list 2A5LD000C as Warp Speed, though; it says to 
email support at unicore.com, but I did track it down to Warp Speed, or
at least found their defunct page claiming to be the manufacturers of 
the VT 580VX MMX mainboard.)

I don't know that I really want to give eSupport my number to call and
sell me an upgrade.  Doesn't seem worth it.


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