[Techtalk] graphs displayed in IE but not firefox

Wim De Smet kromagg at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 17:59:30 EST 2005

On 8/31/05, Gebhard Dettmar <gebhard.dettmar at student.hu-berlin.de> wrote:
> On Monday 29 August 2005 15:56, Wim De Smet wrote:
> > Yes, this was probably because the backward slashes are not valid in a
> > URI/URL (does anybody know the difference between the two btw?).
> No. At least not really. Like I never really understood what Namespaces
> are ;-(
> But these URIs/URLs ;-) may enlight you
> http://www.adp-gmbh.ch/web/uri_url_urn.html
> ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/rfc1630.txt
> > [...]
> >

Aha thanks. That helps alot. :-) XML namespaces btw have to do with
the extensible part of the language, eg. you can introduce your own
tags (this is for instance basically what xhtml should be) and to make
sure there is no name conflict you make a namespace for it. So if I
make a tag <bread></bread> to document my block reading algorithm and
someone else uses it for recipes, we just put them in different
namespaces and there is no possibility for confusion. A bit like
object oriented design work, there you put everything in 'packages'
which is basically a namespace. (Python for instance also uses the
concept of a namespace)

Hope that helps.


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