[Techtalk] Unmounting digital camera

BEJ babayaga at resistance-is-fruitful.net
Sat Jul 23 10:00:47 EST 2005

David Sumbler wrote:
> I have a digital camera with a USB connection.  When I connect it to
> my computer it usually appears as /dev/sdb1, and I can mount it with
> 'mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /mnt/camera/'
> But when I have finished with it, and try to unmount it, I get
> "umount: /mnt/camera: device is busy"
> This happens whether the camera is still connected and switched on, or
> completely disconnected, and every possibility in between.

If you're running a GUI, and have trashed some files from the camera (so 
that they're in the recycle bin) they're not really removed from the 
device until you empty the bin. That might hold the device open and 
prevent the system from unmounting the camera.

So if you already haven't, you can try emptying the recycle bin.

I've seen this happen with jump drives and such.

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